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    WWE NXT 2.0 promised a big show with its August 2 edition, starting with a pair of tag team title contests and ending with a massive grudge match.

    In response to Cora Jade throwing the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship in a trash can two weeks ago, Roxanne Perez and Alundra Blayze agreed the best answer was to crown new champions quickly.

    Competing in a Fatal 4-Way, Toxic Attraction hoped to reclaim the titles while fighting the teams of Katana Chance and Kayden Carter, Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley, and Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon.

    The Creed Brothers also defended the NXT Tag Team Championships against Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo.

    Von Wagner and Solo Sikoa agreed to fight in a brutal Falls Count Anywhere match to settle their differences.

    Mandy Rose would face Sarray, who hoped to prove herself against the NXT women’s champion, and Bron Breakker would meet JD McDonagh for an NXT Heatwave Summit.

    The card looked great on paper, with plenty more expected as NXT Heatwave approaches on August 16.

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    Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz were the first team eliminated followed by Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley. Finally, Katana Chance and Kayden Carter avoided familiar disaster by taking out Gigi Dolin and pinning Jacy Jayne after a 450 splash neckbreaker.

    This match started understandably slow, but the pace increased throughout. The final stretch between the last two teams was sensational, better than their NXT In Your House battle.

    Finally, Chance and Carter have captured the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships. It took far too long, but the most established tag team in the women’s division got welcome crowd appreciation after finally winning the big one.

    The NXT women’s tag team division has enough talent to give Chance and Carter many exciting challengers going forward. And there is still plenty of heat between the champions and Nile and Paxley.


    Chance and Carter win by last eliminating Dolin and Jayne to capture the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships.



    Notable Moments

  • Feroz threw Leon onto all six other competitors and then knocked them all down again with a somersault plancha of her own.
  • Leon and Feroz double-teamed Paxley with a crossbody suplex, but Nile saved her and laid out Leon for a pinfall elimination.
  • After a flurry of action between Chance and Paxley, Jayne snuck in to pin Paxley and eliminate her team.
  • Later, McKenzie Mitchell interviewed the overjoyed champions, who made clear how much this win meant to them.

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    Carmelo Hayes said the first man to make it to the ring would get an NXT North American Championship shot. Nathan Frazer skipped past Giovanni Vinci to steal the shot, but The A Champion won the match with a diving scissor kick.

    While this should have been twice as long as it was, these two made the most of their five-minute window. Melo and Frazer are fast and athletic. When they need to sprint, they can do it without breaking a sweat.

    Melo vs. Vinci was the more exciting matchup, but the story here made sense. At some point, they will clash, perhaps on a bigger stage. He just had to put an end to his rivalry with the British high-flier first.


    Melo def. Frazer by pinfall to retain the NXT North American Championship.



    Notable Moments

  • Frazer grabbed both legs of Melo and pulled him hard into the turnbuckle.
  • Vinci joined commentary until Frazer sent Melo into the table and spilled the Italian’s drink. In retaliation, he knocked the Brit off the top rope, setting him up to lose.

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    Wade Barrett facilitated the NXT Heatwave Summit. JD McDonagh again taunted Bron Breakker, questioning if he was afraid.

    After demanding the NXT champion sign the match contract first, The Irish Ace cut himself and signed with his own blood.

    This was an odd segment, but both men played their role well. McDonagh came off as more of a threat than he has before thanks to the wild mind games. Breakker kept his composure and showed only a hint of uncertainty.

    While it is still difficult to imagine Breakker losing the gold any time soon, it is good to feel that sense of unpredictability with a dangerous opponent.



    Notable Moments

  • Breakker said McDonagh could be a tougher opponent than anyone he has faced before, including Tommaso Ciampa and Dolph Ziggler.
  • The Creed Brothers welcomed Apollo Crews to the Diamond Mine gym, and he warned them to watch their backs.
  • Wes Lee challenged Trick Williams to a Rounds match for next week.

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    Sarray challenged Mandy Rose with fast striking offense, but the NXT women’s champion caught her with a bicycle knee to seal another victory.

    Afterward, she tried to use a steel chair on The Warrior of the Sun, but Zoey Stark sent her running.

    While Sarray came in with some hype, she has struggled to deliver in NXT. Her lack of chemistry with most of her opponents extended to Rose. This was a disjointed bout, only helped by the crowd’s interest in the action.

    Luckily, it was more of a squash than anything else. Rose has shown she can work stronger matches with various competitors, and there is still genuine hype for Rose vs. Stark.


    Rose def. Sarray by pinfall.



    Notable Moments

  • Rose told off Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne for failing to win the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships and then decided to go out for her match alone.
  • Tiffany Stratton responded to Wendy Choo with a pre-taped vignette on her athletic background as well as promising to win in style.
  • In a pre-taped interview, Roxanne Perez challenged Cora Jade to a match at Heatwave. Jade wanted no part of it, though. Rose gave Jade a second option, telling her to take out Stark and take her spot in the title match at the August 16 event.

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    Duke Hudson interrupted Axiom’s interview, brawled with him to the ring then planted him with a spinning side slam.

    Axiom demanded a match, which the big man accepted. Axiom caught Hudson with a roll-up for the win.

    This was a wild surprise of a match that really worked. The hot-start booking threw it right into overdrive. While it wasn’t a lengthy contest, it was exactly what it needed to be.

    While Axiom’s gimmick will take some getting used to, NXT has done well building up his desire to be a hero through each performance in a way that is counter to how past superhero gimmicks have failed.

    Axiom vs. Hudson is a feud that can help keep both men relevant for the next month.


    Axiom def. Hudson by pinfall.



    Notable Moments

  • After laying out Axiom, Hudson told the crowd to stop believing in heroes.
  • Axiom ran at Hudson in the corner, right into a uranage.
  • Axiom reversed a Razor’s Edge into a hurricanrana into the turnbuckle.

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    With no Roderick Strong to start, Damon Kemp was alone in Julius and Brutus Creed’s corner while Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro supported Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo.

    Thanks to a returning Santos Escobar, The Creed Brothers retained.

    With the looming absence of Strong, it was hard to tell which team would lose here, but ultimately the right one remains at the top. The match as a whole was solid. D’Angelo is an underrated performer who pushed Julius in particular to work harder throughout.

    It was good to see The Emperor back in action, jump-starting the story of The D’Angelo Family. It should be interesting to see how Legado del Fantasma react as well as when Escobar will get one last big match with The Don.


    The Creed Brothers def. D’Angelo and Stacks by pinfall to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships.



    Notable Moments

  • The Creed Brothers welcomed Apollo Crews to the Diamond Mine gym, and he warned them to watch their backs. Damon Kemp told them Roderick Strong was running late.
  • Stacks sent Brutus off the apron, angering the Creed brother who ran him down.
  • Escobar grabbed the crowbar of D’Angelo and then punched him in the face, sending him stumbling right into a rolling slam and running low clothesline.

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    While Brooks Jensen got running early, Joe Gacy had some help. The Dyad distracted Fallon Henley while Pretty Deadly distracted Josh Briggs and Jensen. This allowed Gacy to win with a handspring clothesline.

    There wasn’t much to speak about here. It was short enough to be considered a squash, but Gacy needed four men to pick up the win. No one benefited from this beyond purely continuing the angles already in place.

    Gacy’s attentions have wavered between multiple champions and Cameron Grimes, but as always, his end goal is murky. Pretty Deadly continue to be a thorn in the sides of the NXT UK tag team champions, which should mean another fun match is coming.


    Gacy def. Jensen by pinfall.



    Notable Moments

  • Earlier in the night, Schism interrupted Briggs and Jensen, calling out the nepotism of the latter’s rise in NXT thanks to his father, Bull Buchanan. This was the first time his family legacy has been addressed in NXT.

  • Gacy dedicated his win to Grimes, who promised to fill the emptiness in his soul. Grimes was shown backstage, walking off without a response.

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    Alba Fyre had a game plan from the outset that she executed perfectly, targeting the legs of Lash Legend. After a superkick, she hit the Gory Bomb and senton bomb for the victory.

    This was a fine match, and possibly the smoothest Legend has looked in NXT. However, it was too short to get much out of it. Despite the buildup, Fyre squashed her opponent with relative ease.

    Given Fyre should be a title contender soon if she does not head to SmackDown first, it was smart to put this feud behind her. She is too good to spend time carrying Legend much further.


    Fyre def. Legend by pinfall.



    Notable Moments

  • Fyre missed a senton bomb and then ducked an attempt by Legend to use her baseball bat against her. She connected with a superkick to set up her finish.
  • Nikkita Lyons challenged Kiana James to a match next week.

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    Von Wagner attempted to keep this match in the ring as long as possible. However, Solo Sikoa pushed him out of the arena to deal more damage. Finally, the two battled back to the ring where The Street Champion splashed the big man through the announce table to win.

    Wagner is one of NXT’s best big men in the ring, and Sikoa works like a veteran. The pairing was always going to work, and the stipulation guaranteed a memorable encounter. It was a wild fight that showcased all the talent involved.

    Sikoa needed this win, setting him up as the likely next major challenger for Carmelo Hayes. He has a real chance to dethrone The A Champion in their next fight.


    Sikoa def. Wagner by pinfall.



    Notable Moments

  • Wagner smacked Sikoa repeatedly with a steel chair and then set up a pair of chairs for a body slam. Sikoa responded with a Samoan drop on the announce table.
  • Sikoa pushed Melo into the backseat of his car while he and Trick Williams were chatting up four women in the parking lot.

  • Wagner threw Sikoa into a dumpster, but The Street Champion popped right back out.

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