This story includes spoilers for the Outer Range finale.

As somebody in Outer Range would state, woo-doggy! (No Abbott would state that. Pardon my Friday brain.) That was a hell of a ending. The last 2 episodes of Outer Range, which debuted on Amazon Prime this Friday, provide a last-minute twist that nears the ranks of Lost and Shyamalan. Turns out that Autumn, the mystical tourist hanging around the Abbott cattleranch, is Amy Abbott, all grown up.

Now, for the function of this story—which is to figure out whether or not there will be a 2nd season of Outer Range—we won’t get too lost in the weeds on what did or didn’t takeplace in the season ending. So here is the quickest possible variation of what simply went down. There’s the Autumn is Amy twist. Before that, Young Amy’s mom inexplicably returns and sweeps her away. Perry is still in the Hole, which might have vanished for now. Royal is from 1886?! Those are the primary happenings, however the ending leaves behind so lotsof concerns that we truly requirement Season Two so we can have some responses.

We have excellent news and bad news. The bad: Amazon hasn’t made any authorities statement relatingto the future of Outer Range. The excellent? When we spoke to Tom Pelphrey, who plays Perry Abbott on the reveal, we asked him what he’d like to see for this character in Season Two. “I feel like a light gets turned on in Perry that we actually just start to see it in Episode Seven,” Pelphrey stated. “He believes, whether it’s real or not, that he can see a method to repair things, or a method forward. I would love to see what it looks like in Season Two, where Perry is completely triggered in pursuit of something, as opposed to a lot of the veryfirst season.” When I joked that Perry might plausibly wake up in the year 2090, he chuckled, and stated, “I have no concept what they’re attempting to cook up, however if you desired to, you might spin him off in that alternate fucking universe.”

So there you go, Perry-wise. It all depends on where (and when) he wakes up. If Season Two does takeplace, we’d mostlikely (rather, hopefully) see where Amy’s mom takes her. Whatever occurs next, does it set Amy on a course to her death? Or is Older Amy really dead? Regardless, figuring out that Autumn is Amy definitely does appear to modification Royal. From here, does he embark on a time-traveling mission to make things best? In his different journeys through the Hole, we discover that Royal passesaway, so is he on a useless course as well?

We requirement responses. Even one would get us through the weekend.

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