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The Golden State Warriors are reportedly not expected to offer Draymond Green a maximum contract extension when he becomes eligible Aug. 3.

Anthony Slater and Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic also reported that “there isn’t any current traction on any type of extension” with a week remaining before Green is eligible for a new deal.

Green will make $25.8 million next season and has a $27.6 million player option for the 2023-24 season. He is eligible for an extension of up to $138.4 million over four years.

According to the report, Green believes he’s deserving of the full maximum available to him. It’s possible he’d be willing to explore his options outside of Golden State in free agency should the Warriors balk at giving him the long-term deal he desires.

The Warriors are in a financial crunch with the cost of their already expensive roster about to get even steeper. Green, Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole are all heading into what could be the final year of their contracts. A rookie contract extension for Poole would take his $3.7 million salary for 2022-23 and likely multiply it by six or seven times—and then multiply it again when factoring in the Warriors’ luxury-tax penalties.

Golden State paid an NBA-record $346 million for its roster last season when factoring in luxury-tax penalties and player salaries. Warriors governor Joe Lacob told The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami this month that the team is pushing the limits of what it can spend.

That means something will have to give regarding player extensions. The group could decide to take less to stay together, but it’s more likely the Warriors make seismic changes to their roster to keep expenses in check.

Green has been increasingly open about players viewing themselves as businessmen. As he approaches what will likely be the last big-money contract of his career, he could take the opportunity to maximize his earnings.

That may lead him to a new home outside Golden State.

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