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A dedicated Pokemon fan has committed to recreating the whole of the Kanto region out of Lego, with four parts already complete. 

Reddit user ‘Buscags1’ has been documenting their progress in the Pokemon subreddit (opens in new tab), and so far they’ve built Pallet town, Route 1 (opens in new tab), Viridian City (opens in new tab), and Route 2 (opens in new tab) out of microscale Lego bricks. Although it looks simple enough to rebuild the region out of Lego, this master builder still has a way to go until they’ve recreated the whole of the map with Cinnebar island, Pewter city, Saffron city, plus many more still to go.  

this_is_part_1_of_my_microscale_lego_pok%C3%A9mon from r/pokemon

Thanks to the updates posted to Reddit, ‘Buscags1’ has been getting a lot of support, with many fellow Pokemon fans praising the creation. This isn’t even the first time this user has done this, previously ‘Buscags1’ also recreated the Johto region (opens in new tab) from Gen 2 out of the same microscale Lego bricks.  

Unfortunately, official Pokemon Lego is yet to be a thing. Although Nintendo has given out one of its IPs for the Lego Super Mario sets, it has yet to share its Pokemon IP with the yellow brick manufacturer. It’s not clear why this is the case, however, it could always be down to the fact that Lego-like brands such as Mega Construx and Nanoblocks already have Pokemon-themed lines. Who knows, though, maybe one day there will be some official Pokemon Lego. 

In other Pokemon news, The Pokemon Company is building its own “archive and museum”. As reported a few days ago, The Pokemon Company was recently spotted hiring an archivist to maintain a museum dedicated to the series’ now 26-year-long history. Unfortunately for fans, there’s a chance that this museum might not ever be open for visitors. 

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