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The Daily Mirror front page 1 August 2022

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England historic win against Germany in the the Euro 2022 final dominates Monday’s papers, with jubilant pictures of the victorious team leading the coverage. The Daily Mirror opts for the headline: “History makers,” accompanied by a full-page image of the elated England squad. The Lionesses won 2-1 in a dramatic final which went to extra time.

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“No more years of hurt” is the headline emblazoned on the front of Metro as the paper notes that the Lionesses’ victory ends England’s 56-year wait for a trophy.

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The Sun is marking the momentous win with a double-page spread of the victorious football team, accompanied by the headline: “Move over fellas… it’s home.” In its lead photo, the Lionesses lift the Euro trophy as they take to the podium cheering beneath falling confetti. “They showed male stars how it’s done as football finally came home yesterday,” the paper comments.

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The Daily Mail says that “where the Lions had so often fought and failed, the Lionesses came and conquered”. Its headline is: “It wasn’t a dream… we did beat Germany in a final.” The paper carries a quote from the Queen to the champions, which reads: “Your success goes far beyond the trophy you have so deservedly earned. You have all set an example that will be an inspiration for girls and women today, and for future generations.”

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“It’s home” says the Daily Express with a full-page photo of the England team celebrating. The paper notes that the champions were cheered on by 87,192 fans at Wembley and millions at home. It’s the biggest crowd in the history of a men’s or women’s Euros.

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The Guardian calls the team: “Game changers.” The paper’s lead story says that, as captain Leah Williamson lifted the trophy in celebration, “it felt simultaneously like the end of one journey and the beginning of another”.

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The Times strikes a similar tone, noting that the manner in which the victory came “put the final touches to an incredible three and a half weeks not just for women’s football but the women’s sport movement in England”. When Williamson hoisted the trophy above her head, “it seemed that this team had achieved exactly what they had set out to do: to provide a watershed moment for the women’s game”.

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“Roarsome” is the Daily Star’s headline. England created history by winning their first major women’s tournament on Sunday, beating eight-time champions Germany.

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The Daily Telegraph also marks the huge sporting win, with a photo of the champions taking up half of the paper’s front page. Away from the football, the paper reports on Tory leadership hopeful Rishi Sunak’s pledge to cut income tax to its lowest level in 30 years, as he vows to cut the basic rate from 20% to 16% if he gets the keys to No 10. The move has been branded a tactical “flip-flop” by a source in Liz Truss’ camp, according to the paper.

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“This is what dreams are made of,” says Chloe Kelly, who scored the Lionesses’ historic extra-time goal, the i reports. The paper has a sprinkling of non-football news, as it reports on Mr Sunak’s 4% tax cut. Conservative MPs have told the paper that Mr Sunak and Ms Truss must stop trashing their own party’s record in government.

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And the Financial Times reports that European governments have eased efforts to reduce trade in Russian oil. Two months ago the European Union announced a worldwide ban on the provision of maritime insurance to vessels carrying Russia oil. However, the UK is yet to introduce similar restrictions, which is pivotal because London is at the centre of the marine insurance industry, according to the paper. Some international shipments are being allowed amid fears of rising crude prices and tighter energy supplies, it adds.

The Lionesses’ record-breaking win against Germany is celebrated and applauded across the front and back pages.

The Times calls them “England’s pride”, saying the victory kicked off jubilant scenes in a “land of hope and finally glory”.

In a souvenir edition, the paper highlights the Queen’s message of congratulations to the team, in which she says they “have all set an example that will be an inspiration for girls and women today, and for future generations”.

The Daily Mirror calls the Lionesses “history makers” and “HER-oes” to the mostly-female crowd at Wembley.

As the players celebrated on the pitch, it says that everyone was on their feet, singing: “Football’s coming home.”

Even disappointed German fans joined in as “Sweet Caroline” began to play, the paper adds.

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Chloe Kelly celebrates scoring England’s winner against Germany in the Euro 2022 final at Wembley

The “i” and the Guardian both hail the players as “game changers”.

The Guardian says that as the captain, Leah Williamson, hoisted the trophy aloft, “it felt simultaneously like the end of one journey and beginning of another”.

For the Daily Telegraph, the victory “turbocharges” the future of the women’s game.

The win at Wembley “means so much more than a trophy”, it says, such as sponsorships, access to the sport and funding.

“No more years of hurt,” declares Metro, under a picture of the cheering team it calls the “Lion Queens”.

“Good times never seemed so good,” it says, as the players are pictured leading fans in a celebratory singalong.

“It’s home” states the Daily Express, saying England have finally ended 56 years of hurt with victory over their old rivals, Germany.

The paper’s chief sports reporter, Neil Squires, says that it was not only a “fantastic result” for Sarina Wiegman’s team, but it could be a “seismic one” for the women’s game in England.

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The England squad lifts the trophy after beating Germany in the Euro 2022 final

“Move over fellas … it’s home,” the Sun tells the men’s side, as its front page features the Lionesses “roaring with pride”.

The paper says Chloe Kelly’s jubilation at her historic strike will live in the memory, after she tore off her shirt to celebrate “as the nation erupted in joy”.

Put simply, the team were “Roarsome”, declares the Daily Star.

The Financial Times calls it the “stuff of dreams”.

But the Daily Mail insists: “It wasn’t a dream… we DID beat Germany in a final.”

It goes on to say: “Where the Lions had so often fought and failed, the Lionesses came and conquered.”

Writing in the paper, Robert Hardman says that “for the nation that invented the game – and has been banging on about ‘football coming home’ ever since – the final of the Women’s Euros is the greatest sporting triumph in the lifetimes of most of those lucky enough to witness it”.