The best fragrances for summer can be difficult to find. They need to be light enough to warrant wearing them during crushing humidity and, for many of us, they need to evoke a vibe that’s distinctly seasonal (smoky musk? Maybe save it for December). Plus, now that the heat is rising and deodorant can only do so much, spraying a little perfume here and there is your best solution to not smell like you’ve just come from an intense cycling class. How’s that for clean girl aesthetic?

If you’re new to the world of fragrance: welcome. As a run-down, most perfumes have three distinct layers—think of it like a pyramid—that react to your skin, according to Eden’s Garden. There’s the top note (which provides the scent’s first impression and typically lasts five to 15 minutes after spraying), the middle note (usually more full-bodied notes and provide the heart of the scent and lasts around four to six hours), and the base note, which are often less noticeable but stick around the longest on the skin—upwards of six hours and give each scent their underlying aroma. 

There’s a certain formula to the best fragrances for summer Glamour editors strive for: they have to be long lasting and smell good. While some of us favor more traditional tropical scents including coconut and citrus, a summer scent can, obviously, be anything you want it to be, including ones that remind us of old libraries and Rihanna’s rumored favorite perfume. 

Below, browse the 22 best fragrances for summer that Glamour editors can’t seem to stop spritzing. 

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