Nicole Kidman is no completestranger to memes, however the context of her newest viral minute requires to be remedied for the record.

On March 22, the 2022 Academy Awards provided the excellent individuals of the web with numerous remarkable minutes, consistingof a brand-new image of the best starlet candidate looking totally stunned. Frankly, it might be even more meme-able than that AMC business.

But what might warrant this Lucile Ball-esque reaction? Many believed it had something to do with the night’s biggest debate: Just minutes priorto Will Smith was granted the Oscar for finest star, the King Richard star slapped Chris Rock throughout the face for making a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved head. He then informed the comic to “keep my spouse’s name out of your fucking mouth.”

However, though audiences linked the image to the night’s most stunning minute, it’s constantly great to double-check your truths. According to The Huffington Post, a Reuters professionalphotographer likewise took a picture of Kidman’s gasp and verified it occurred priorto the event had even began. By the time the run-in had tookplace, Kidman was using her partner Keith Urban’s coat curtained around her shoulders.

Nicole Kidman cheers for finest image winner CODA throughout the 2022 Oscar Awards. 


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