When C.J. Donaldson signed with West Virginia, the coaching staff knew they were getting a talented player. What they were unsure of is where exactly he would line up. They had in mind that he would be at tight end but his versatility opens up several options for the coaching staff. For now, Donaldson will spend the majority of his time at running back.

“When we recruited him, we told him he was a hybrid. He’ll do everything,” WVU running backs coach Chad Scott said. “But he did a lot in high school with the ball in his hands. Wasn’t sure necessarily how he would respond to it, but he was very open to it. He said, ‘Coach, I’m just a ballplayer, just put the ball in my hands’. It’s been very impressive to see how he’s picked up on things. He’s done a phenomenal job outside the game, studying the offense. He’ll say ‘Coach, just quiz me, just test me’ and we’ve thrown him into the fire and he hasn’t been nervous at all. These last two days he’s got a lot of reps and he’s starting to come around. 

“Right now, we don’t want to overload him and teach him everything, but he’d be a kid that we’d love to play at running back and hybrid, be able to flex out wide. Kids like that are hard to find and we got one in him. He’s game ready right now, physically.”

Donaldson will compete for a spot in the running back rotation with Tony Mathis Jr., Justin Johnson Jr., and Jaylen Anderson.

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