We’re nine weeks into Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty. Nine! Winning Time premiered on March 6, a week after Euphoria wrapped. Do you keepinmind what was occurring in your life on March 6, a week after Euphoria wrapped? No. No you wear’t.

That stated, aside from another reveal’s worth of real-life drama surrounding Winning Time, we’ve had to conduct some genuinely excessive fact-checks because early March. How about Tasty Ice, the Magic Johnson-endorsed dessert offering that neverever was? Or the numerous beefs and scuffles revealed in the series? Of course, there’s the bike mishap, which we’re still sensation the results of, 4 episodes lateron. So, thinkof the face of yours really, when I saw the last scene of Episode Nine, which may be the most this-needs-a-fact-check minute of the whole series.

Let’s back up for a minute. I requirement to shout out the really amazing scene inbetween stars Wood Harris and Solomon Hughes (as Spencer Haywood and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, respectively), where Cap informs Haywood that he was the last vote in a quote to kick him off the team due to his drug dependency. The minute—where Haywood provides an impassioned account of the bigotry he dealtwith because (literally) the day he was born—is where Winning Time truly reaches a high point, both in its composing and efficiency. Winning Time actually reveals a guy havingahardtime from dependency, rather of lobbing drug usage into some ritzy montage from the Forum Club. Here at Esquire, we’ve been fans of the series from the really starting, though I bet Winning Time would’ve dealtwith less criticism early on if it had more pared-down, Laker-to-Laker scenes like we saw in Episode Nine.

Not too long after some of Winning Time‘s finest work of the season, the series returns to its normal shenanigans. Haywood reveals up at a guy’s home asking if he has weapons. Why? Because he desires to kill the Lakers. First of all, let’s get this out of the method—no, Spencer Haywood neverever purchased a struck on Showtime en masse, nor did he even threaten to do such a thing. But Winning Time didn’t pull this subplot completely out of noplace. During the 1979-80 season, Haywood was kicked off the group, however not by his colleagues. It was Paul Westhead’s choice.

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Years lateron, Haywood admitted that he workedwith a Detroit mobster to kill Westhead. “I left the Forum and drove off in my Rolls that night thinking one believed—that Westhead should passaway,” Haywood informed People magazine. “In the heat of anger and the daze of coke, I telephoned an old pal of myown, a real licensed gangster… We sat down and figured it out. Westhead lived in Palos Verdes, and we got his street address. We would sabotage his vehicle, mess with his brake lining.”

Thankfully, Haywood’s mom discouraged him from going through with the struck. If you have the time—and desire to understand that things turned out muchbetter than Winning Time would have you think in this episode—check out this piece on Haywood from ESPN. You’ll see how the guy, now in the Hall of Fame, was one of the veryfirst supporters for NBA gamers to be paid what they were worth, as well as an early case for how effective moreyouthful gamers might be in the league.

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