Like many of the most famous horror film franchises, the legacy of Chucky—a children’s doll possessed by the spirit of a deceased serial killer—has arguably been stretched far too thin across too many releases. Still, after years of sequels and remakes imagining Chucky as a lover, a father, and even (shudder) a computer-animated iteration, it seems that there’s always a way to breathe new life into the killing machine.

As a result, Chucky and his red-headed antics have attracted a cult following that survives to this day. And, as one of the most iconic characters in horror history—he’s a 65-year-old soul by now, hiding behind those beaded eyes—the Child’s Play franchise can feel like essential viewing for any slasher enthusiast.

Whether you’re in it for the history, the campiness, or the novelty, you’re sure to take something out of a Chucky movie marathon. If anything, at least a few nightmares or laughs. Maybe both. So throw some popcorn in the microwave, turn down the lights, and clear the calendar—with enough material to fill more than a week’s worth of evenings, here’s how to watch every movie in the Chucky franchise (there are eight!) in order, beginning with 1988’s release and ending with 2019.

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