Canadian company GRS Hydrogen Solutions not only develops new technologies in the field of energy. Expanding the use of alternative energy sources has become another important goal. Each contract brings both the company and the world as a whole closer to the even more global goal of protecting the environment and minimising the negative impact on nature.

The Pleasant Valley Colony recently signed a $10 million contract with GRS Hydrogen Solutions! It is always challenging to be the first on the land, because there is a huge responsibility on your shoulders to get the project completed. The collaboration promises many benefits for the region, the main one is covering all nearby farms with environmentally friendly ammonia fertilizers. Thanks to the agreement, the farmers will also:

  • have access to green ammonia fertilizer.
  • be able to control the rising price of urea.
  • contribute to the protection of nature.

Such a move assumes that the company will install mobile systems to produce ammonia fertilizer. This will certainly affect the development of hydrogen energy in general, low-carbon farming.

How can green hydrogen help agriculture?

If gas and oil are used for fertilizer production, there is no question of price stability. Just in the last year the price of urea increased several times which in turn increased the cost of oil and other agricultural products.

Also, such fuel and its products irreversibly pollute the atmosphere. In addition, it gives an important economic tool to the agricultural sector, because now it will not depend on external prices and factors. Fertilizer production will depend on it, as well as volumes.

Hydrogen is a full-fledged analogue and alternative fuel option. It can be used to produce environmentally friendly fertilizers, as well as to fuel vehicles with it. Modern technology makes it possible to do this with maximum benefit to businesses.

Why is it important to use hydrogen energy for agriculture?

The theme of environmental protection is relevant to everyone, because the future of our heirs depends on it. Pollution of the atmosphere leads to a number of consequences affecting the health and life expectancy of the population. The agricultural sector is one of the main sources of carbon dioxide emissions.

Farmers use many fertilizers to treat plants and land, including those based on ammonia. Natural gas is used for its production. A modern and rational solution is to use alternative energy, because this is the only way to avoid environmental disasters.

How does it work in practice?

GRSH2 technology, patented by the founder of GRS Hydrogen Solutions, is used for production. It involves converting vapor energy into environmentally friendly ammonia. This gives farmers access to quality fertilizer and does not harm the world around them.

If we go into more detail, the whole process is as follows. In the past, oil or gas was used to convert ammonia into hydrogen. Through a thermal reaction, hydrogen was released, which had to be separated from all the refined products.

Today’s technology offers several significant differences:

  • only renewable energy sources (e.g., seawater) are used during generation;
  • the process takes place at a lower temperature;
  • the resulting hydrogen does not have to be separated from the other products.

By the way, there are other technologies that will be relevant for agriculture. GRS Hydrogen Solutions has a system that makes it possible to capture exhaust gas and recycle it again, turning it into a new source of energy. There is also an absolutely unique solution GL-15. Its operating principle is quite simple: the energy source is water, the products are hydrogen fuel and clean drinking water

As you can see, the company’s arsenal has solutions for every problem. But even taking this into account, the team continues to search for new technologies. The World Energy and Environment Council has already repeatedly singled out GRS Hydrogen Solutions with awards for its inventions and innovations.

Who else is hydrogen energy important for?

Today, the issue of pollution is very acute around the world. There is not a single person for whom this topic is not important. The main sources of atmospheric pollution are factories, farms, and transportation. Carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere because it is a product of combustion of solid fuels. Researches proved that a small admixture of hydrogen in gasoline reduces the amount of exhaust gases by 20% and is therefore more environmentally friendly.

Modern companies have begun to actively introduce hydrogen fuel into their operations. For example, refueling stations for marine transport already exist and work successfully. Europe is developing a project that makes it possible to heat homes with this energy.

In fact, alternative energy sources can either fully or partially replace fossil fuels. There is an opinion that green fuel is much more expensive to produce and simply not cost-effective. Of course, some of the technologies need to be refined and optimized, but in general the benefits for the planet are much greater.

What does GRS Hydrogen Solutions offer to the agricultural sector?

GRS Hydrogen Solutions has developed technology that allows mobile systems to produce ammonia fertilizer close to farms. This significantly reduces logistics costs and also affects the economics of the sector. The implementation of the project does not take much time, because the scale of the system is small. In addition, it can be expanded to meet the needs of the company or the farm if necessary.

The company continues to push the boundaries of hydrogen energy application by signing contracts with new partners. This year alone, more than twelve projects have been implemented, the largest of which are contracts with:

  • RCG Mining (utilization of heat generated by mining);
  • SEPGAS (the company finances the development of hydrogen energy);
  • European Union (partnership program);
  • RPM Saudi (methanol supply).

It should be noted that GRS Hydrogen Solutions has been headed for many years by the skilled Albert Cerenzia, who has a great experience in the field of energy. His mission has been to introduce hydrogen energy at the international level, to expand the area of use, and to make alternative fuels available. When signing any contract, the priority is still the benefit and efficiency, not scale. Also, Albert is a huge fan of his business and therefore he is not inclined to deviate from his principles in favour of profit.

The first listing of GRS Hydrogen Solutions took place in 2022, and the next one is scheduled for 2023. The date is not final, as external factors may change it.

The introduction of hydrogen power today is available to companies of all sizes thanks to GRS Hydrogen Solutions. The scale of the deals is not always the same as the Pleasant Valley case. Take care of the future of the planet and optimize your workflows so that your business not only generates money, but also benefits the environment.