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Giannis Antetokounmpo and family discuss new film ‘Rise’

Before he was an MVP and an NBA champion, Giannis Antetokounmpo was a raw, skinny, largely unknown prospect, dismissed by half the league until the Bucks made him the 15th pick of the 2013 draft. That’s the moment most NBA fans got their introduction to the springy kid with the challenging last name. We all

Title IX’s next frontiers in gender equality fight in women’s sports

A half century ago, the passing of Title IX helped women take their first strides toward leveling the playing field in sports. But today, there are new battlegrounds and issues that will define the future of the fight for equality and dominate conversations for years to come.EQUAL PAY When the final whistle blew and sealed

The top three players in each position group: Running backs, No. 2 Jaylon Glover

With the return of Tavion Thomas and Micah Bernard, and the addition of freshman Jaylon Glover, Utah's running back room is bursting at the seams with talent and should be one of the top groups in the nation. With that being said, its important to note where each individual player ranks amongst the rest of

Dan Hardy scolds Dana White for his “unnecessary disrespect” towards Nate Diaz

Image via @danhardymma on Instagram / @raptorsmma Dan Hardy is scolding Dana White for his ‘unnecessary disrespect’ towards Nate Diaz. It was UFC President, Dana White who recently reacted to Nate Diaz once again requesting his release from the UFC. White pointed out that Diaz has won only one of his last several fights, suggesting

Robbie Lawler says he “was surprised” to find out he was fighting on the UFC 276 prelims

Image Credit: UFC Robbie Lawler was surprised to find out he’s fighting on the UFC 276 preliminary card. The middleweight Lawler has not been on a preliminary card of a UFC event for 20 years. Lawler (29-15 MMA), a former UFC welterweight champion, is set to enter the Octagon with Bryan Barberena (17-8 MMA) on

Adrian Yanez laughed at Tony Kelley when he said he’s scared to rematch him after UFC Austin: “I turned him into a meme”

Adrian Yanez was glad to KO Tony Kelley at UFC Austin. In the lead-up to UFC Austin, Kelley made some bigotry comments and Yanez was told by many people that he needed to KO the American. To only add to that, at weigh-ins and during the fight, Kelley was talking more trash. Even after after

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Searching For Elvis

This article originally appeared in the February 1968 issue of Esquire. Written by Stanley Booth, author of arguably the best book ever written about the Rolling Stones, this profile of Elvis appeared months before his famous “comeback” TV special. It contains outdated and potentially offensive descriptions of race, sex, and class. To read every Esquire

Rare Photos of the Rat Pack That’ll Take You Back in Time

It doesn't get more iconic than the Rat Pack—a.k.a. a group of performers that included Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop, and Peter Lawford. Their Old Hollywood charm, scandalous behavior, and partying lifestyle made them the "bad boys" of the late '50s and '60s. With their good looks and plenty of talent

Elvis Presley’s Incredible Life in Photos

From the time Elvis Presley entered the music industry in 1955, he was different from everyone else. Teenagers flocked to his charismatic performances and soon The King toppled the Billboard charts. He made a lasting impression on not only the music industry, but pop culture as a whole. Here, we're taking a look back at

Westworld Season 3 Caused My Pandemic Nightmares. Now, It’s Back.

Back in the time when I was still me—February 2020, roundabouts—I was on a second date. Central Park, somewhere near the lake. Crisp, cool, a day that felt like spring. You know, it's increasingly tough to remember anything from this time when I was myself, firmly made of flesh and bone, a real boy! But

Rare Vintage Photos of Priscilla Presley Through the Years

Priscilla Presley will forever be known for being Elvis's other half, but she's also a Hollywood icon in her own right. It wasn't easy living in the shadow of music's biggest star, and finding herself took some time—even after their divorce. To really get a sense of her experience—from her struggles to her achievements—you must

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