Brandon Moreno believes Deiveson Figueiredo is doing whatever he can to hang on to the UFC flyweight title and prevent a 4th battle.

Moreno (19-5-2 MMA, 7-2-2 UFC) and Figueiredo (21-2-1 MMA, 10-2-1 UFC) are presently engaged in one of the most special competitions in UFC history. They’ve combated 3 successive times, with each guy winning one bout with the other ending in a draw. They’ve invested more than one hour of cage time versus each other because December 2020, however it still stays uncertain who is definitively muchbetter.

Coming off Figueiredo’s razor-thin consentaneous choice at UFC 270 in January to gainback the 125-pound strap, the promo has apparently been moving in the instructions of a 4th conference this summertime. However, Figueiredo has justrecently been singing about his opposition to that strategy, pointingout numerous factors.

Figueiredo stated he views Kai Kara-France, who is coming off back-to-back wins over Askar Askarov and Cody Garbrandt, as a more practical opposition. Additionally, he stated he believes Moreno is notworthy of a champion chance after one of his colleague engaged in what he thoughtabout to be racist social media activity.

During a UFC 270 press conference, Moreno’s colleague Marcelo Rojo hosted an Instagram live stream. A screenshot from the session revealed a filter of a monkey head on Figueiredo’s body, which upset him duetothefactthat he’s on “a project to stop racist and bias in my city where it is predominately Indians and blacks.”

Moreno reacted to Figueiredo’s remarks and described his side of the story in an interview with ESPN Deportes.

“It’s simply dumb,” Moreno stated in Spanish. “He was playing with his phone and he was streaming live on Instagram and he was utilizing numerous filters. It’s a pity we puton’t have the complete video duetothefactthat it was a live stream, he didn’t conserve it. He was utilizing filters on everybody. Dana White, my colleagues and he even utilized a filter on me. He was changing filters and then appears a monkey filter on Figueiredo, that’s real and somebody took a screenshot. We wear’t understand who, and (he) begins calling Marcelo Rojo a racist. And you understand Marcelo, you’re not going to let me lie: He’s not racist.”

Although Moreno appears to comprehend the levelofsensitivity of the concern at hand, he doesn’t believe it’s great thinking for the UFC to switch equipments and offer Kara-France the next title shot over him. Moreno is persuaded Figueiredo is simply utilizing any methods he can to prevent the 4th battle.

“I’ve currently talked to the UFC, with the leading people in the promo,” Moreno stated. “They informed me the 4th battle is set. At some point they informed me not to concern. That the strategy is for me to battle onceagain for the title. So I believe at this point Deiveson is running away from me. I’m not lying. UFC desires Deiveson Figueiredo vs. Brandon Moreno 4. I’ve stated yes currently, however the other part hasn’t.”

UFC president Dana White has openly mentioned in the past that he takes a champ’s viewpoint into factortoconsider when matchmaking. It stays to be seen if White and the UFC brass will offer Figueiredo’s demand to battle somebody other than Moreno any genuine major idea.

From Moreno’s viewpoint, though, it’s complete steam ahead.

“He requires to comprehend that he’s still the B-side on this, and that’s not my fault,” Moreno stated. “I’m simply here to battle and be the finest. … Chances for him to lose this battle versus me are really high and he sees a muchbetter chance vs. Kara-France to keep the belt and make some cash. But he understands that the just ‘money battle’ for him is with me. Simple truths.”


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