The Ending of My Name Was Killer– Literally. Here’s What Happened.

She can be found in battling and she headed out battling, damn it. Hereby ends the non-spoiler part of this post, FYI. If you have not completed all 8 episodes of My Name, the addicting brand-new K-Drama that’s presently taking off on Netflix, however have actually discovered yourself browsing for responses, turn away from this website now.

For those who, like me, have actually gotten to completion, you’ll concur that the last notes were as heartbreaking as the series’ property itself. Our primary character, Yoon Ji Woo, was on an objective of vengeance. And despite the fact that you understand that sort of mission so hardly ever ends well, as the series is concluding, it looks like Ji Woo may, simply possibly get a pleased ending. Or, at the minimum, an honorable one. You understand what they state about presumptions: it makes an ass out of you and me and likewise a lovely cop partner passes away.

Ji Woo, the child of a “recognized” gangster (slash undercover police), is an outsider to everybody around her. On her darkest day– her birthday, no less!– her daddy is shot and eliminated right in front of her. She witnesses the murder by means of a door peephole, which her daddy is holding closed so she can’t get injured. Destructive?

But the most fantastic plot parallel in the series in fact returns additional than that Episode One murder. For that, we head back to the opening credits. There, we view as Ji Woo is successfully tossed out of her school, she makes it understood that she’s one hell of a fighter, knocking out the school’s knife-wielding bully. We do not see that badass of a battle series once again up until completion, however for all the cops training and mob trials Ji Woo needed to go through to penetrate the underworld ranks and avenge her dad’s death, there was this tip that she currently had all the abilities she required.

The series culminates in Ji Woo taking on with Mu-jin, her dad’s previous friend and the drug lord accountable for her daddy’s death. After sleeping with her partner (and authentic hero), Pil do, Ji Woo considers what it may be like to quit her double life, to let go of her identified strategy to avenge her dad. While driving down the street, Pil do is shot directly in the head at a traffic stop with Ji Woo in the traveler seat. A hit task managed by the extremely gangsters she’s dealing with. The precious law enforcement officer passes away in her lap. Ji Woo takes his weapon and triggers to complete what she almost quit.

And here starts the bloodbath. In an almost frustrating montage, Ji Woo singlehandedly removes an army of henchmen safeguarding Mu-jin. Blood, bullets, knives– gang’s all here Actually, a gang is all here. She takes an elevator approximately Mu-jin, who is awaiting her, all set to offer her a speech about how her dad was somebody who thought twice. He states she’s ended up being the very same, which’s when Ji Woo provides the speech of the series. Putting down the very same kind of weapon utilized to eliminate her dad, she describes that her hesitancy to eliminate Mu-jin comes from her wish to live like a human, with genuine relationships. By taking the one individual who revealed her grace and love, he required her hand. Now she, she states, she ‘d rather live as the beast who eliminates him than anything else.

After a difficult knife battle, Ji Woo appears all however left for dead up until she turns Mu-jin’s own knife on him, plunging it into his gut. He attempts to fire the weapon at her, however there disappear bullets in the chamber. Ji Woo stabs him in the chest one last time and views him pass away. In the epilogue, we see that she has actually lived her see her moms and dads, who can now both be honored for the genuine law enforcement officer they were. In the last minutes of the series, Ji Woo keeps in mind the pleasure she had with Pil do prior to turning away and leaving the cemetery.

In short, it ends up there is reward in bringing a knife to a weapon battle. And for your own security, do not select a battle with Ji Woo since you will not win. All 8 episodes of My Name are presently streaming on Netflix.

Justin Kirkland is an author for Esquire, where he concentrates on home entertainment, tv, and popular culture.

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