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It’s a reality widely acknowledged that every episode of Friends is a work of genius (other than the ones where Rachel is dating Joey– simply … no), however some are obviously more renowned than others. The one where Ross screams, “MY SANDWICH”? Like … I felt that. And the one where everybody consumes cheesecake off a filthy flooring? Felt that. Anyhow, we ranked the 50 most popular episodes of Friends to limit the very best of the very best, and please be encouraged that this is a safe area for individuals who are deeply consumed with Ross, aka me.

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” The Last One” (Season 10, Episode 18).

Friends‘ last hurrah just made this list due to the fact that it was technically a truly excellent episode. That stated, I decline to acknowledge its presence since I’m too mentally immature to accept that this program ended.

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” The One After ‘I Do'” (Season 8, Episode 1).

Hands up if 10- year-old you submitted Rachel and Phoebe’s bridesmaid dress to your “wedding event state of mind board.” Cool, typical, very same.

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” The One With the Embryos” (Season 4, Episode 12).

Aka the episode where we find out Monica’s most significant family pet peeve is animals impersonated people which Chandler’s mail is dealt with to “Chanandler Bong.”

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” The One That Could Have Been” (Season 6, Episode 15).

Name one television program that did an “alternate universe” episode much better than Friends Oh wait, you just can not! Which’s mainly thanks to Phoebe eliminating it as a workaholic chain-smoker.

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” The One Where Ross Got High” (Season 6, Episode 9).

Otherwise called the episode where Rachel makes a revolting dessert with jam, custard, girl fingers, raspberry, and– ah yes– beef. And after that Joey completely consumes it.

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” The One Where Ross Is Fine” (Season 10, Episode 2).

Controversial however proper viewpoint: Ross is the very best character on Friends and his breakdown over Rachel and Joey dating is the only evidence you require. He’s FINE.

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” The One Where Underdog Gets Away” (Season 1, Episode 9).

This is among Friends‘ much better Thanksgiving episodes thanks to the gang identifying Ugly Naked Guy’s sweetheart, Ugly Naked Girl. And likewise thanks to Monica’s ridiculous blowout.

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” The One With All the Rugby” (Season 4, Episode 15).

Look, the Emily episodes were rough for everyone due to her, well, drawing. Viewing Ross effort to play Rugby? Worth it.

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” The One After the Super Bowl” (Season 2, Episodes 12 and 13).

This was among the most-watched episodes of Friends and had a million visitor stars consisting of Julia Roberts, Brooke Shields, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and mainly crucial, the living legend called Marcel the Monkey.

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” The One With the Ball” (Season 5, Episode 21).

Speaking of Friends‘ cast of animal bonus, this episode presented us to my individual lord and rescuer, Mrs. Wiskerson, aka Rachel’s psychopathic hairless feline who genuinely did NOT get the regard she was worthy of.

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” The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies” (Season 2, Episode 18).

Everyone Else: Likes this episode since the group exposes the number of individuals they’ve made love with.

Me: Likes this episode due to the fact that of Chandler’s criminally crazy roomie Eddie and his fictional goldfish.

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” The One With the Race Car Bed” (Season3, Episode 7).

The finest episodes of Friends are the ones where actually absolutely nothing occurs, and no episode exhibits that ambiance more than Monica purchasing this cars and truck bed, which SOME OF United States (me) would completely oversleep.

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” The One With the Videotape” (Season 8, Episode 4).

Things that occur in this episode: (1) Ross and Rachel make a sex tape, (2) everybody enjoys stated sex tape, and (3) Phoebe creates the ionic phony name “Regina Phalange.”

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” The One Where Rachel Has a Baby Part 1″ (Season 8, Episodes 23).

Rachel and Ross’ child legend used up 3 complete episodes, all of which are on this list since, duh. Gems from Part 1 consist of Ross entering this position (famous) and Monica and Chandler attempting to make love in the medical facility.

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” The One Where Rachel Has a Baby Part 2″ (Season 8, Episodes 24).

Meanwhile, gems from Part 2 consist of Joey unintentionally proposing to Rachel plus Monica and Chandler connecting in a janitors’ closet.

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” The One With Chandler in a Box” (Season 4, Episode 8).

I ‘d enjoy to understand which Friends author was simply all, “Let’s have Chandler being in a box throughout the whole episode,” due to the fact that I, truthfully, have a lot of concerns. Mainly simply sluggish claps.

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” The One With Phoebe’s Wedding” (Season 10, Episode 12).

Honestly, I’m too sidetracked by how Paul Rudd still looks precisely the very same to even speak about this charming episode, so carrying on.

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” The One Where the Monkey Gets Away” (Season 1, Episode 19).

Nothing that insane occurs in this episode (aside from Marcel getting away), however it’s still an overall classic in Ross and Rachel’s relationship timeline thanks to him preparing to expose his real sensations.

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” The One With All the Cheesecakes” (Season 7 Episode 11).

I hardly remember what occurs in this episode, however it includes the scene where Joey, Rachel, and Chandler consume cheesecake off the flooring and for that reason is extremely crucial to my individual brand name.

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” The One Where Ross Can’t Flirt” (Season 5, Episode 19).

I have never ever associated with somebody more than Ross attempting to flirt by stating, “Hey, you understand that odor gas has? They put that in.”

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” The One Where Everybody Finds Out” (Season 5, Episode 14).

Could really see Phoebe attempting to flirt with Chandler on a loop permanently.

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” The One With Ross’ Tan” (Season 10, Episode 3).

I keep the Joey and Rachel dating episodes were not Friends‘ finest. As soon as again Ross conserved the day with spray tan incident hilariousness.

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” The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy” (Season 3, Episode 1).

Jennifer Aniston totally put on a Princess Leia clothing for this episode, and obviously, Star Wars developer George Lucas was so into it, he sent out the production group a letter congratulating them.

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” The One With The Ring” (Season 3, Episode 23).

Like, in what world would the episode where Chandler chooses to purchase Monica a ring not make this list? Could it be any longer romantic? (Sorry, needed to, ugh).

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” The One in Vegas” (Season 5, Episode 24).

Yes, this is the episode where Rachel and Ross get intoxicated and wed in Vegas, however more notably, it’s the episode where Joey wanders around dressed like a gladiator.

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” The One With All the Kissing” (Season 5, Episode 2).

People who kiss in this episode: Chandler Monica, Chandler Phoebe, Chandler Rachel.

So … essentially Chandler everyone.

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” The One With All the Poker” (Season 1, Episode 18).

Love this one primarily since of Chandler’s vest and likewise due to the fact that the people rather misogynistically presume their buddies will draw at poker and get entirely owned.

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” The One With All the Wedding Dresses” (Season 4, Episode 20).

Real ones understand viewing television in your home while using a bridal gown is the only method to really live.

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” The One With Joey’s Fridge” (Season 1, Episode 19).

On the one hand, it’s kinda scary in retrospection that Ross was dating among his trainees. On the other hand, we got to see Ross go on spring break, soooooo

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” The One Where No One Proposes” (Season 9, Episode 1).

I can’t even discuss this episode without spiraling into Ross Rachel feels. They’re really each other’s lobsters.

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