WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from October 11

The Doctor Chris Mueller @@ BR_Doctor Twitter Logo Featured Columnist October 11, 2021

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    WWE is presently establishing the card for the Crown Jewel pay-per-view on October 21, however it likewise has Survivor Series to fret about next month.

    The previous week has actually seen management reveal the King of the Ring and Queen’s Crown competitions that will culminate with the finals at Crown Jewel, so we have actually been seeing numerous quarterfinal matches for the males and females.

    Monday’s program consisted of a face-off in between Big E and Drew McIntyre. With The powerhouse of The New Day on Raw and McIntyre prepared to SmackDown, it appears like The Scottish Warrior is making one last play at the WWE Championship.

    We likewise saw competitors collaborate when Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks fought Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair in tag group action.

    Let’s have a look at what took place on Monday’s Raw.

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    Raw opened with McIntyre making his method to the ring with his reliable sword, Angela. He didn’t get to promote long previously Big E made his method to the ring looking fired up.

    He informed McIntyre that he gets why he wishes to be WWE champ once again since he has actually seen the advantages that include having the title.

    The Scottish Warrior stated he is going to go through Big E as he needs to Goldberg and Randy Orton, and there isn’t a damn thing he can do about it. Prior to they might go any even more, The Usos came out onto the phase.

    After some trash-talk, they consented to have a tag group match later on in the program. The commentators made certain to discuss that WWE management needs to make it main. The Usos assaulted McIntyre and Big E prior to making a fast exit.

    Grade: C


    This was a cut and dry talking section. 2 competitors traded some words prior to they were required to line up versus a typical opponent. We have actually seen this type of sector numerous times for many years.

    The finest part was Big E’s part of the exchange. That man can make anything amusing, however it wasn’t enough to make the entire section anything unique. This might have been copied and pasted from another script with the names altered and no one would have discovered.

    Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods offered a backstage interview prior to heading to the ring for the very first match. Why didn’t they go out to assist Big E when The Usos assaulted?

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    The KOTR competition continued with another first-round match in between Woods and Ricochet. They secured and exchanged wristlocks and counters up until Woods struck a running shoulder to score the very first knockdown.

    Ricochet attempted to springboard into the ring however Woods struck the leading rope to journey him. They both wound up on the leading rope where The One and Only struck a huge superplex to send us to a break.

    We went back to see Ricochet get a two-count. Woods struck a gorgeous gutbuster to get a near-fall as he started to pick up. Ricochet got Woods for a cartwheel slam and a running kick, however he wasn’t able to make a cover prior to Woods presented of the ring.

    The high-flyer lept over the ring post and secured his challenger at ringside. He returned into the ring and drilled him with a suicide dive. When he chose a 2nd, Woods countered and sent him into the barrier. He brought Ricochet back in and reached the leading rope for a flying elbow drop to get the pin.

    Grade: A-


    This match permitted both guys to flaunt a few of the abilities they do not constantly get to utilize, which permitted them to place on a wonderful program.

    The length of the bout was great however with a couple of more minutes, they would have had the match of the week without concern. A few of the areas they did were carried out with amazing accuracy.

    This is Woods’ primary step towards attaining his fate to end up being the King of the Ring. If he does not win the entire competition, then what are we even doing here?

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    The reunited Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander handled Mustafa Ali and Mansoor in the next match. Ali and Benjamina began for their groups, however they both tagged their partners reasonably rapidly.

    Ali and Mansoor struck a double-team relocate to Alexander however he prevented the 450 from Ali. He struck a Michinoku Driver for the pin while Benjamin held Mansoor back.

    Ali pushed Mansoor to the mat and left looking mad after the match.

    Grade: D


    It need to be kept in mind that the bad grade for this match is a reflection on whoever scheduled them to just get 2 minutes, not the 4 Superstars included.

    Mansoor is still growing however Ali, Benjamin and Alexander are all excellent employees who have the possible to take the program on any offered night. This sort of match is unneeded and not does anything to assist anybody.

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    Shayna Baszler and Dana Brooke satisfied for a match and The Queen of Spades left to a strong start. Brooke had the ability to get in a few of her own offense prior to Baszler got her in the Kirifuda Clutch.

    Brooke countered into a pin for a two-count. The MMA fighter got her in an ankle lock however Brooke countered when again. She was met a stiff kick to the face to provide Baszler a simple win.

    Grade: C


    While this match was simply as brief as the tag bout we got prior to it, reserving it in this manner made a lot more sense due to the fact that they are attempting to construct Baszler back up into a beast rival.

    She should not be having long, competitive matches with the similarity Brooke. She ought to be beating these females rapidly and with malice of planning.

    However, despite the fact that this was the ideal call from a reservation perspective, it still wasn’t enough time to be an excellent match, so it needs to be graded with both realities in mind.

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    After handling AJ Styles recently, Riddle challenged Omos to a match. While Styles accompanied his tag group partner to the ring, The Viper was no place to be seen.

    Riddle got a mic and stated some random things prior to forgetting what he was discussing. He then required Orton to strike, however he never ever appeared. Designs stated Riddle was stalling and he simply required to accept that Omos would behead him.

    The ref lastly required the bell however Riddle presented of the ring and assaulted Styles. Omos got him by the hair and brought him into the ring so he might squash him in the corner.

    He struck a huge chokeslam however Styles informed him not to choose the cover yet since they might keep beating him up. He asked Omos to strike a roundhouse kick and he drilled The Bro right in the face. Designs requested for and got an instantaneous replay.

    Omos got Riddle for another chokeslam to get the simple pin. Orton ultimately got here and struck the RKO to Styles prior to making a fast exit.

    Grade: C


    Just since it’s enjoyable to see somebody annihilate Riddle with ease does not indicate this match was excellent. It was easy by style to mask Omos’ lack of experience, however it had some enjoyable minutes.

    Styles requesting for instantaneous replays in sluggish movement was amusing even if the crowd didn’t appear into it. Orton permitting his partner to be ruined prior to lastly appearing tracks with his character.

    At least WWE had Omos win tidy. He needs to continue to be placed as a monter up until he can have longer matches.

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    After assaulting Jeff Hardy throughout the draft recently, Austin Theory had a match with The Charismatic Enigma on Monday’s Raw.

    Hardy ducked a clothesline and took control immediately. He took Theory from corner to corner and strike a double ax manage from the middle rope. Theory countered a Twist of Fate and struck a great rolling dropkick for a two-count.

    He grounded Hardy in a submission as Reggie diminished while being chased after by a lot of other wrestlers. He launched the hold and pursued R-Truth.

    Hardy benefited from the interruption and struck the Twist of Fate. Theory prevented the Swanton and rolled him up with a handful of trousers for the win.

    Grade: C


    Other than the opening bout in between Woods and Ricochet, every match on this card has actually been less than 5 minutes. It gets a great deal of individuals on the program however every match has actually suffered as an outcome.

    This might have been an enjoyable exchange in between 2 skilled professional athletes. Rather, it was a brief contest that consisted of shenanigans from the 24/ 7 champ.

    What bit Hardy and Theory did do looked excellent. Let’s hope these 2 get another opportunity to have an appropriate efficiency.

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    The 2nd King of the Ring quarterfinal match of the night included Kofi Kingston handling Jinder Mahal. Divert and Shanky were at ringside for assistance. Woods brought out Kingston to keep things reasonable.

    The Maharaja struck the very first takedown with a waistlock slam. He teased Woods prior to taking him down in a headlock. He knocked Kingston down with a shoulder deal with two times in a row.

    The high-flyer struck a dropkick and a hurricanrana as he began developing a head of steam. He struck the trust fall from the middle rope to the flooring as we went to an industrial.

    Kingston chose the SOS when we returned, however they landed awkwardly. Mahal tossed out after a crossbody from the leading rope. He struck Kingston with a gutbuster for another two-count.

    Woods entered into a battle with Veer and Shanky, however the interruption wound up causing Mahal beating Kingston to advance in the competition.

    Grade: B-


    Mahal has actually never ever been too popular due to the fact that WWE has actually never ever made his character pleasurable, however he is really a great in-ring employee who does not get sufficient credit for his dependability. He understands how to work versus practically any sort of challenger and make them look great.

    The result was not perfect however whatever that came prior to it was strong. Kingston had a couple of excellent sports however likewise made a number of small errors along the method.

    Taking away the possibility of seeing Woods vs. Kingston in the semifinals is going to make a great deal of fans mad.

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    Belair and Banks attempted to put their distinctions aside for one night to collaborate versus 2 females who dislike each other simply as much, Lynch and Flair.

    The Boss and The EST argued over who would begin for their group and it rapidly turned physical. Lynch assaulted them and she was pushed into Charlotte on the apron. All 4 ladies started to brawl while numerous authorities attempted to break them up.

    The Queen was going to strike The Man with a moonsault, however Banks avoided it. Belair wound up tossing The Boss into both females. Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville came out and stated this was inappropriate. They informed them to get in the ring and begin the match, however they simply kept combating their own partners.

    We returned from a break to see everybody prepared to begin the match. Banks and Flair began for their groups. The Queen tried to secure the Figure Four early however Banks countered into a pin for a two-count. Huge Time Becks tagged herself in however missed out on a leg drop.

    Belair tagged in and wound up sending out Banks out of the ring with a background. She took Lynch down and strike a running splash for a near-fall. The one in charge tagged herself back in and discarded Belair off the leading rope to the flooring. The Queen slapped Lynch in the back of the head to tag in and avoid her from securing her finisher.

    Belair dropped her own partner on the leading rope and the ref required a double DQ. They all kept combating up until The Man was the last lady standing.

    Grade: C


    The pre-match brawl was disorderly and enjoyable, however the match that followed stopped working to keep that exact same energy prior to breaking down.

    The method this played out made more sense than how WWE generally books competitors as tag group partners, however the total execution felt off in some way. They brought the physicality, however.

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    Another Queen’s Crown match occurred today with Natalya handling Doudrop in the quarterfinals.

    Nattie talked some garbage and slapped Doudrop prior to they secured and battled to the corner. The veteran unloaded on the beginner with lefts and rights.

    Doudrop countered a headlock takeover and ran over her with a shoulder take on. Natalya prevented a senton and struck a low dropkick for a two-count.

    She put Doudrop in a stomach stretch however she broke complimentary and sent out Nattie to the corner. The Queen of Harts struck a huge discus lariat for a near-fall. She attempted to use the Sharpshooter however Doudrop rolled her up for the win.

    Grade: C


    This was a brief however good match. Natalya looked aggressive and Doudrop did things that highlight her strengths as an entertainer.

    The result wasn’t a big surprise however it would have been great if they had a bit more time. WWE has actually been reserving a great deal of fast females’s matches recently and it’s ending up being a bad pattern.

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    Jimmy and Jey Uso were out for their tag group match with Big E and McIntyre, however Paul Heyman was not in presence.

    We began with Jimmy and Big E in the ring. The powerhouse controlled Uso prior to he and McIntyre utilized among New Day’s techniques with the Unicorn Stampede.

    Jey tagged in however the existing and previous WWE champs had the ability to remain on offense. Once they got Big E cornered, The Usos took turns stomping on him.

    For the next couple of minutes, Big E was at the grace of The Usos. He nearly picked up however a missed out on splash on the apron permitted Jimmy and Jey to send him into the steel actions. We returned from a break to see The Usos still in control.

    McIntyre ultimately got the tag, however The Usos struck him with a double superkick for a close two-count. The Scottish Warrior countered a Samoan drop and struck a set of neckbreakers on Jimmy. He required his finisher however Big E tagged himself in rather.

    Jey nailed him with a set of superkicks however Big E had the ability to toss out. McIntyre pulled Big E out of the ring as he was making a cover. They combated at ringside and McIntyre was busted open when Big E knocked his head into the table. The ref counted Big E out prior to The Usos took them down with double dives over the leading rope.

    After they got the upper hand on Jey and Jimmy, McIntyre struck Big E with a Claymore to end the program standing high.

    Grade: B-


    We currently saw 2 sets of partners who were not able to exist side-by-side on this program, so seeing WWE do the exact same thing with Big E and McIntyre felt a little lazy.

    Everything else in this match was fantastic. The Usos can bring any group to a great match, however Big E and McIntyre are gifted, too, so it wound up being a competitive contest.

    McIntyre triumphed today, so we must anticipate Big E to be searching for vengeance prior to they fulfill at Crown Jewel.

    This program had some highlights however as an entire, it wasn’t that terrific. It had a lot of brief matches and a couple of results that were headscratchers.

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